If you like speed, cars and acrobacies, try Mania Drive


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ManiaDrive is afree car game which will remind you the afternoons (and nights) playing Trackmania, though it is not so spectacular due to that it is alreadye being developed.

ManiaDrive offers us a new date with magnific circuits full of loopings, jumps, spectacular tunnels and everything you can imagine.

It offers us a detailed graphic system and a more real physic, so it seems more a real car than before.

If when you played TrackMania you drove a F-1, now you will drive a usual car, concretely, a Renault Clio reproduced as its real partner (exccept for licenses )

And if you think it is not enough...ManiaDrive also offers you multiplayer game over internet.

Fun is ensured with this game. Try it, it will not dismiss you.
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